I am by no means a baker. Most of the time it requires precise measurement, which I abhor. I’d rather throw things in a skillet and taste and add my way to a great dish. I am also not overly fond of sweets, so there is really never a need for me to bake.

That said, my sister is a fabulous baker and it is not unusual for me to come home to find a plate of goodies sitting on my porch. The last incident of this involved a lovely Sour Cherry and Rosemary Foccacia. I am not sure if this is the recipe she used, but it seemed like a close approximation.

It was tasty, but I am just not one to snack on bread. So one morning, while being hungry for breakfast but not wanting to make something complicated, I thought of making a sandwich with the foccacia. I got out some Jim Beam ham from Wegmans, a slice sharp cheddar cheese, melted it for a few seconds in the microwave, sat down, and took a bite.

Oh. My. Word.

Full of yummy deliciousness!

Full of yummy deliciousness!

Salt, sharp, tart, floral. Might could use a little shmear of some sort-perhaps an aioli, but also lovely as it is. Plus, the bread just looks gorgeous.

I loved this concoction so much that the bread was gone in a matter of a day or two. So I tried to make my own.

Epic fail. Like I said, *points to self* not a baker. I won’t even post pictures-they are too scandalous. I will say that when it calls for 1/3 cup of oil at the end, USE THE ENTIRE 1/3 CUP! (Yes, I am shouting at you. You!) I thought it was too much, chickened out at the last minute, and the bottom completely blackened. Sour Cherry and Rosemary Foccacia-Cajunified.

And THAT recipe shan’t be passed along.

This is been another guest post by CSA-fan, Thanksgiving Farms-fan, and general please-stick-food-in-my-face-fan, Jamee Robinson.