Sound asleep in the potting soil.1379496_660151270696117_1217022075_n







Just sitting here wearing my mom’s vest………don’t judge. It’s cold.1379794_657575224287055_581122812_n







Sinnamon is guarding her apple.1383972_656879927689918_1121873679_n







Sinnamon thinks she’s quite clever stealing Asian pears out of my box while I’m not look and then eating them!!1236613_644651882246056_27361253_n







Sinnamon is determined to lay down in the van even if she only has 6 inches of space!1278180_642596712451573_39702874_n







Poor girl is stuck. Her leash is wrapped around a million corn stalks. And she wants to know why I’m taking her pic instead of planning a rescue mission.1236824_641003952610849_1870868888_n







I want to have that much fun playing with a piece of grass!1175236_637039916340586_1076546911_n