What’s in the Box: Week 3


Peas. What’s better than sitting around on a summer’s day, shelling peas? Someone bring me a glass of lemonade and a rocking chair, stat!

This recipe for Red Curry Coconut Pork with Mango is quite simple for a curry recipe, which sometimes can be quite complex. Yet with all curry recipes, I was inevitably missing an ingredient. And what appears to be a key ingredient-Red Curry Powder. Look up-it’s even in the name. D’oh!

But that’s also the best thing about curry recipes. They are easily adaptable to whatever spices are on hand and whatever vegetables and proteins are hanging around. They can be sweet, savory, or spicy. Or, how I like ‘em, sweet, savory and spicy. So I gathered up the spices I had on hand, spit out the bubble-gum the four-year-old so sweetly forced into my mouth earlier, and went to work on my own spice blend, which ended up being a mixture of red pepper flakes, garam masala, curry powder, cumin and Chinese Five Spice Powder:

Homemade Curry Blend

Renaming this the Orangey-Yellow Curry Coconut Pork with Mango

I steamed the peas to cook them as minimally as possible (since they would go back in the pot later) and fended off the small raving pea-vampires, otherwise known as the “children”. I don’t know why they have an obsession with peas, but I guarded the little green gems like the Grail Knight in Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade.

Grail Knight

Back off my peas!

The curry was easy to make and simply sizzled away on the stove as I casually added the required ingredients and then some random veggies I had on hand. I also made use of the onion tops I got in the CSA box. Double score!


See? It is quite orange-y.

The finished product was wonderful. The peas were very much noticeable-sweet and plump, not at all like the bagged frozen ones I am used to getting at the store, which invariably wilt when cooking (looking just like the Grail Knight, now that I think about it). The mango lent a subtle sweetness to the rich coconut broth. Served over hot rice, it was a great, easy Friday night meal.


Some like it hot. Some like it hotter. (You guessed it! It’s me! I like it hotter!)

This is been another guest post by CSA-fan, Thanksgiving Farms-fan, and general please-stick-food-in-my-face-fan, Jamee Robinson.