What’s in the Box? Week 4!

I have admittedly begun having dreams about kale. So much kale! But it is delicious and versatile, so no complaints here.

I went on a baking/cooking binge on Tuesday and I am still enjoying the results from it. First, I found this intriguing recipe for Garden Pea, Mint and Feta tart. Intriguing for two reasons-it seemed like a good use for my peas and I had all of the ingredients on hand, including coconut flour! Both bonuses.

I am sure you could use a regular tart crust recipe if you didn’t have coconut flour, but I have to tell you that the result was amazing. The saltiness of the feta, creaminess of the custard and sweetness of the coconut mellowed together so well. It was delicious and I would not change a thing about it if I were to make it again. I would especially make it if I had any gluten-free friends I wanted to impress.

The second recipe solved my dual problems of kale (!) and providing the husband with an easy breakfast that he can make quickly in the morning. See, I am a teacher and am off for the summer and the poor husband often has to get up in the dark and eat breakfast all by his lonesome. I thought a Kale and Bacon Frittata would help take the edge off of his solitude.

(I gotta tell you, there is SO MUCH BACON in this recipe. Four strips of bacon, kale cooked in bacon grease…yum!)

Husband has been very pleased with his breakfast on the go. My picture isn’t as pretty as the one one the website because I used way more kale and less cheese, but I am still pleased-both dishes were super easy to make and delicious.

Two Pies



This is been another guest post by CSA-fan, Thanksgiving Farms-fan, and general please-stick-food-in-my-face-fan, Jamee Robinson.