He’s just chillin’ watching the day go by.1385811_655212734523304_1608829049_n







Mice in apple trees? Okay. Snakes in apple trees? Um, no!!!!! Just lost 10 years.555905_648507301860514_1911122_n







This hole is momma mouse’s entrance into the nest.1377986_648194648558446_47083425_n







Cuteness alert!!! A momma field mouse repurposed a robin’s nest into her nursery for 5 little babies!!600846_648050478572863_1227604928_n







Nature’s lace.1185347_636342613076983_394834234_n







My first Fuzzy Wuzzy caterpillar and no stripes! Mild winter perhaps?1175193_634981869879724_625022884_n



baby Raven that’s been hanging out by the potting shed.1233975_634954916549086_829644773_n





The tiniest toad ever.1236651_634587313252513_1770388720_n