Since’s it is still relatively early in the CSA season, I thought I should pass along some quick and nifty resources about storing your CSA goodies:

-Here is The Kitchn’s Guide to Storing Fruits and Vegetables-a great resource. I found a nifty tip about keeping my greens fresh that I am now itching to try, given that I just found a forgotten bag of lettuce mix in the back of my fridge.

-Prefer actual paper between your hands? I bought this book called Preserving Summer’s Bounty several years ago and I found it to be an invaluable resource. It taught me how to can, making the *best* jam recipe I have ever had. It comes with a bunch of recipes too.
Preserving Summers Bounty

-Finally, here is a guide to making the most out of your CSA, including a tip of frying lettuce. Who knew?

Happy Eating! Nom, nom!