The first of the CSA boxes have arrived and they are full of a delicious mixture of greens, peas and cherries. I was especially excited to see the fresh spinach, which I was craving after our dreary winter and chilly spring. Normally, I plant my own and have fresh baby spinach by April, but this year I was happy to let the fine folks at Thanksgiving Farms do it for me.


Popeye would be proud!

In looking for a recipe that would involve me *not* making a trip to the store, I came across this little gem from Food Network’s Robin Miller-Grilled Chicken with Brie and Baby Spinach Salad. It was perfect because it made use of the delicious spinach, chicken I had on hand, and brie that the cheesemonger at Wegman’s suckered me into purchasing. (I swear they push cheese with the pertinacity of a drug dealer-the first one is always free.) Also, bacon. Need I say more?

moar chicken

a girl + her grill = love!

As I am wont to do, I had to make my own little modifications to this recipe. I mean, why use a dried herb seasoning when I have the sweetest smelling pesto basil in my back yard? You can see the fresh herbs on the chicken as it sizzles into perfection.

Of course, I didn’t have shallots on hand, so I used my typical substitution of a clove of garlic and a tbsp of onion. And, I was shocked to find myself completely out of honey. I suspect the husband pilfered it without me knowing. Fortunately, I had some agave syrup on hand, which substituted nicely.


Grilled Chicken with Brie and Baby Spinach


The dish came out beautifully and made a wonderful end to an early summer day. Fresh, simple, and decadent. A promise of summer to come.


This is a guest post by CSA-fan, Thanksgiving Farms-fan, and general please-stick-food-in-my-face fan, Jamee Robinson.